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Baby Blue Paste 25g Edible
Baby Blue Paste 25g Edible
Baby Blue Paste 25g Edible

 WHY use paste for colouring - because they give you strong deep colours that are harder to achieve with other mediums, but a little will still give you the soft shades you may desire.  They also do not alter the consistancy of your marzipan and sugarpastes in the same way a liquids.  It is an economical way of dying as a little goes a long way.  There is a large range of paste colours that are harder to achieve in other mediums.

WHEN do you use paste colours - in marzipan, sugarpaste, flower paste and modelling paste.  You can use it in royal icing but it is sometimes hard to get an even colour and it needs to be mixed very well.

HOW to use the paste - you knead the paste into the marzipan or sugarpaste until the desired colour is achieved.  If you knead it just a little a streaky effect will be achieved, this is called marbling and for some cakes this can have a good effect. Example of that would be if you marbled a pink icing and covered the cake with it and then coloured half the sugarpaste and half the flower paste kneaded together conpletely pink and made bands and a bow to form a hat box or gift box as a cake.  If you desire a really dark shade and need to use a lot of colouring paste and you find your sugarpaste is getting a little wet knead in a little icing sugar. 

Fat Free - Nut Free - Gluten Free - GM Free

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